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          Shanghai Acebright Pharmaceuticals Group Co.,Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Desano Group) was founded in 1996. We are an innovative pharmaceutical enterprise with influential brand in the healthcare industry. Headquartered in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Acebright has established a number of GMP standard manufacturing sites in China (Shanghai , Dafeng, Qidong, Chifeng) to provide high quality products and related services to our customers worldwide.

            Among the subsidiaries of Acebright , five companies have been granted as provincial High Enterprises, seven companies have obtained GMP certificates of CFDA, three manufacturing facilities are approved by US FDA.

            Acebright continuously invests in technology innovation and development. We have set up a corporate R&D Center, a state-level Enterprise Technology Center, the National Key Laboratory of Antibody Drugs Research and Post doctoral Research Station to build solid foundation for the company’s growth. Acebright has undertaken many important national and provincial Research and Development projects.

            Acebright is passionately committed to realizing the company value of “Customer First, Reliability Foremost”. We have set up two business platforms (B-to-B platform and B-to-C platform) to meet the demands of all our clients around the world.

            Through the B-to-B platform, we focus on the business of pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, nutritional ingredients, and CRO and CMO services. Acebright has set up an integrated and highly efficient operation system from R&D, manufacturing to sales & marketing to provide high quality products and professional services to our customers and partners in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical business.

            The B-to-C platform is dedicated to providing finished drug products of Oncology, anti-HIV/AIDS, Penem, Monoclonal antibody drugs and other biological products to our worldwide customers (doctors and patients). 

            At Acebright, “We care for life,We work for human health”. Driven by technology innovation and global vision, Acebright strives to be a reliable partner for your pharmaceutical business.

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