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          Manufacturing Sites in Pudong, Shanghai

          Binhai site

          Products: Antiretroviral (ARV) and Anti-malarial APIs
          Annual Capacity: more than 1,000MT
          Qualifications: CFDA GMP, WHO-PQ, US FDA

          Huinan Site

          Products: Oncology Formulations and APIs
          Annual Capacity: small volume injection 1.5 million vials, lyophilized powder: 0.5 million vials
          Qualification: CFDA GMP (2010 version)
          Zhangjiang Site
          Products: Antiretroviral (ARV) Formulations, Solid Dosage Formulation CMO services for North America and EU markets.
          Annual Capacity: 1 billion tablets, 2 million capsules
          Qualifications: CFDA GMP (2010 version), US FDA (in progress)
          Manufacturing sites in chifeng,China
          Chifeng Site
          Products: Vitamins, Anti-biotics, other nutritional ingredients
          Annual capacity: VB2 2,000MT, OTC 1,500 MT, D-Ribose 500 MT, Griseofulvine 300MT, Kasugamycin 60MT
          Qualifications: CFDA GMP, US FDA GMP, EDQM COS.
          Chifeng site for parenteral solution
          Products: Large Volume Parenteral (LVP) Products (the only manufacturing site of LVP in Inner Mongolia
          Annual capacity: LVP (glass bottle): 80 million bottles
          LVP (PP bags): 40 million bags
          Qualification: CFDA GMP (in 2013)
          Manufactring Site in Dafeng,China

          Dafeng Site

          Products: Vitamins
          Annual capacity: VB6 1,000 MT, Biotin 60 MT, VE 10,000 MT (under construction)
          Qualifications: CFDA GMP, EDQM COS, HACCP、ISO、Kosher
          Manufactring site in Qindong,China
          Qidong Site (Formulation and API)    
          Products: Formulations and APIs site for Oncology, Hormone products and Drugs for respiratory diseases
          Under construction
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