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          Acebright has established a corporate R&D center and a corporate Institution of Technology and Engineering, and we have built up a satellite industrialization platform in each of the manufacturing sites. The corporate R&D center is located at Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park with a total of 30,000 m2 area of R&D laboratory space. The R&D and technology team is composed of more than a thousand scientists and engineers. In this well-equipped R&D center, 5 professional R&D technology platforms have been established including Chemical Synthesis, Crystallization Technology, Microorganism Fermentation, Biotechnology, and Formulation Technology.
          The satellite industrialization platforms in each manufacturing site will cooperate harmoniously with Corporate R&D center to efficiently scale up and industrialize the newly developed R&D products and processes.
          The Corporate Institution of Technology and Engineering is established in 2013 to apply new engineering technology in manufacturing. Through close collaborations with Corporate R&D center and the satellite industrialization platforms, the corporate Institution of Technology and Engineering plays an important role in promoting and applying environmental friendly processes and technologies.
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