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          Motivated by highest level of expertise and technology, we are dedicated to providing products and seamless customized services to the global pharmaceutical industry from early development to commercial supply. We pride ourselves on our specialized know-how and capability in research, in-process development, chemical and pharmaceutical production. Moreover, our rich experience in professional management of complex projects guarantees the high quality and efficient contribution to the successful achievements along with our partners.
          We own state-of-art R&D center in China, India and US to provide in-depth research and development, analytical services. The well established multi-purpose pilot plants in China offer high technological and systematically controlled process of scaling up. Our manufacturing facilities situated in China has been audited by USFDA, EDQM, WHO successfully. We work strictly in accordance with the quality, environmental and safety standards relevant to our industry. We aim to provide fully-fledged APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturing capability to innovative and generic companies across the world.
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